Hamilton’s EVO Products Available As Category IV

Hamilton Engineering’s EVO™ products can be common vented in Category IV positive pressure condensing exhaust without an external fan system. EVO products are able to do this due to proprietary operating software standard on every EVO model and a mechanical device that does not allow exhaust recirculation in the heat exchangers.

Common vent intake and exhaust is available (for models from 79MBH-630MBH), for up to six EVOs. By having common venting, you can have a single intake and exhaust connection for a total system of 3,780MBH (boiler or water heater). For larger models, 1500MBH and 2000MBH, we can common vent up to 6000MBH to have a single intake and exhaust for 3-2000MBH units.

All Hamilton Engineering common vent manifolds are built out of AL29-4C stainless steel. Hamilton Engineering also pre-fabricates the entire boiler/water heater system with single point connections, reducing your site time costs.

Hamilton Engineering offers a full range of water heating and water treatment products.

Hamilton remains dedicated to providing hot water for every budget.

For more information, call Hamilton Engineering at (800) 968-5530 or e-mail: sales@hamiltonengineering.com.

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