Institute Leadership Testifies at FTC Roundtable on Care Label Ruling


Representatives of the drycleaning, wet cleaning and manufacturing industries joined the Federal Trade Commission’s roundtable discussion about proposed changes to the care label rule this Spring. DLI CEO Mary Scalco participated in the day-long marathon of spirited discussion, offering technical and rational information on each topic. 

The program began with two presentations regarding professional wet cleaning issues. The panel debated the merits of allowing vs. requiring the use of wet cleaning instructions on a care label. DLI supports allowing wet cleaning instructions but opposes requiring those instructions. 

The panel also discussed the practical use of ASTM and ISO care symbols. DLI leadership believes two systems will confuse consumers. 

The panel also debated if the FTC needs to clarify the Care Label Rule’s reasonable basis requirement. DLI supports testing entire garments before attaching care label instructions. DLI’s comments on the proposed changes to the Care Label Rule are included at

“DLI appreciates the FTC updating the Care Label Rule to allow for the use of new, alternative cleaning processes,” Scalco said. “DLI has always held the position that the reasonable basis requirements for the care label needed to be strengthened to ensure that the proper method was being recommended so that damage to the garment did not result from cleaning.” 

Panelists voiced concerns that the FTC’s lengthy process for updating the Care Label Rule was too slow in reflecting industry innovations and practices.

The entire discussion can be viewed online at Care Labeling Rule: An FTC Roundtable – Part 1-5.

The FTC accepted comments regarding the roundtable discussion until April 11th on the commission’s website.

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