10 Commandments To Customer Service

With Easter Sunday right around the corner, what better way to kick off April with the 10 commandments of Customer service?!

  1. Thou shall greet the customer by name
    People love to hear their own name. It makes them feel important and helps you to remember the customers name. Which can be used for increasing customer experience the next time they use your company. Give yourself a goal to use their name 2-3 times within your interactions.
  2. Thou shall always smile
    Whether you’re smiling with your eyes or, your pearly whites… A smile goes a long way. A smile will boost your mood, and the others around you. And yes, a smile will be heard over the phone.
  3. Thou shall understand services provided
    Our customers look to us as the expert. Knowing and understanding the services you provide will show the confidence in the services, increase their experience and pave the road for a raving fan in the making.
  4. Thou shall listen activity
    Listen to the customer. The good, bad and ugly. If you are eager to respond or thinking too much about what you want to say, you are in return… not listening. Customers need to be heard, to do that you need to open your ears.
  5. Thou shall personalize communications
    Our best customers will be ones that like, trust and know us. In order to create that, personalizing your communications with names, and relevant information will allow the customers to feel appreciated and understood.
  6. Thou shall make customers feel important
    We all like to feel important to a degree. Our customers are no different. Showing you care about their concerns and questions will increase their likelihood for repeat use.
  7. Thou shall provide more than expected
    Under promise and over deliver. Every. Single. Time. Period.
  8. Thou shall be a creative problem solver
    When a situation arises where the customer is unhappy. Ask yourself, if I were in their shoes, how would I expected to be treated, communicated to and followed up with? Thinking on your feet and turning the situation around into a positive will create lifelong customers.
  9. Thou shall collect feedback
    A customer’s feedback is priceless. Just because you’re not hearing about anything negative, does not mean they are happy customers. Silence is not always the best. Make it a part of your daily communications to get the invaluable feedback from customers so you can fine tune where need be.
  10. Thou shall respond in a timely manner… always
    Time is always of the essence. We live in a fast paced world. 24 hours seems like an eternity to a customer who has a problem. Waiting 4 weeks for an alteration is a lifetime. Respond quickly and effectively, and you will increase the satisfaction of the customers.

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