THANK YOU! To all of our 2022 advertisers

Cleaner & Launderer would like to show our appreciation to all our advertisers who joined us in 2022! Print, and online. Cleaner & Launderer has grown so much over the past few years, and that is because of you.

Cleaner & Launderer has a readership of over 20,000 readers world wide. The internet is a what has allowed that, with our social media presence of facebook, twitter, linkedIn! and our group on facebook (the Cleaner & Launderer Community) being a BIG part.

Cleaner & Launderer would like to show our appreciation all of our advertisers through out 2022 who have helped us keep our readers informed, and look forward to an even better 2023. Below is a list of our advertisers in 2022 with a link to their websites.

Arthur Kajiwara Equipment Co.


CA Counters

Davis Packaging



European Finishing

EZ Products

Fulton Boiler

Garment Management Systems

Heffernan Insurance

Hendricks Mechanical

JP Trading

Kelleher/Casares Equipment

Luetzow Ind.

Parker Boiler



SMRT Systems

Unger Conveyors

US Western Multitech

A.L. Wilson Chemical


Xplor Spot


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