If You Don’t Jump On The Technology Train, You’re Dry Cleaning Business Is Going To Be Left In The Dust!

So what can you do to get up to speed in this new, bright, business world of technology? The first thing that you must do is embrace it. Don’t scoff at it. Don’t curse it. Don’t blame it. Just convince yourself of this exciting new era of technology and jump on the bandwagon and start […]

I Reprimanded A Priest, I Didn’t Return A Billionaire’s Call. Find Out Why

This month’s article is on the power of an effective HEADLINE. All of your advertising should start with a headline and a sub-headline (just like this). What did the priest do that ticked me off? And why didn’t I call that billionaire back…twice? Keep reading! Let me tell you about the billionaire first, and then […]

Use three step letters to sell your dry cleaning delivery service By: Greg Colosi

Most business owners, dry cleaners included, only send out one mailing. Don’t stop at one. Send out a minimum of three. When you’re trying to woo prospects to become a delivery customer, and you’re doing it through direct mail, why stop at one mailing? If the first mailing pulled some in, why not do a […]