Green Mean$ Green! Can You Afford To Not Go Green? By Steve Henshaw in Collaboration with John Soderberg, PE Esq 1

Nowadays everyone in business wants to be considered environmentally “friendly” or “green.” The retail dry cleaning industry is no exception.  In fact, given the ecological concern over perc, actual or perceived, the retail dry cleaning trade has been at the forefront of the green movement.  However, there is another aspect of an environmentally friendly operation […]

One Cleaner, Clean Garment Bag At A Time

Mr. Dry Cleaner:You market and sell “Clean, Sterile, Germ free Freshness.” With your cleaning processes, hard work and acquired skills, you renew the life and put “like new freshness” back into your customer’s cleaned garments. Finished packaging of your customer’s garments using Sparkling Ultra Clear Clean Luetzow Polyethylene Garment Bags showcase your professional work, markets […]