The Stain Wizard’s February Letters

The Stain Wizard’s February Letters Dear Stain Wizard, A customer brought in a Christmas table runner, with a large curry stain. How can I remove the stain, without affecting the glitter and glued on design? Signed, Captain Keith,Captain Keith’s Classic Cleaners, Bentonville, Arkansas. Dear Captain, Curry is considered a combination stain because it has elements […]

How I Got Here: Phillip Gorneault

Current Position: Phillip Gorneault is the maintenance director at Best Cleaners in Middletown, Connecticut. The Company: Best Cleaners was founded in 1954 by William J. McCann, Jr. Since then, under the leadership of second-generation owners Bill and Sue McCann and third-generation president Shawn McCann, the Best Cleaners empire has expanded to fourteen locations. Their convenient […]