Never is Too late! (insurance companies runoff leave policyholders vulnerable By: Steve Henshaw

Many small business owners or drycleaners and manufacturing companies know that old general liability policies can provide a defense, even an indemnity, against environmental claims. The net effect of such a defense can translate into payment and funding of necessary site investigation, legal, and remediation costs. To put it into business terms, a dry cleaner […]

What Is Mechanical Breakdown Insurance? By: Jackie Smith

I believe this insurance coverage is the most misunderstood insurance coverage available. Most insured’s that have this coverage do not truly understand what the coverage actually covers. Most insurance policies include mechanical breakdown (equipment breakdown) coverage. If it is not included, it usually can be added to your policy. The mechanical breakdown limits are equal […]

Maintenance On Your Stain Removal Board And The Best Of The West CCA Convention By: Kenney Slatten

I just returned from the very enjoyable Fabricare 2012 put on by the California Cleaners Association in Long Beach, California. The weather was traditionally pleasant and the company even better. I always enjoy visiting with my friends and hanging out in the Cleaner & Launderer booth. You might call it a reunion of sorts. I […]