Emerging Contaminant Alert for Dry Cleaners: PFAS is the New Bad Guy in Town!

Dry cleaners everywhere have been worried for decades about potential environmental contamination from their past operations. Through the years, you’ve become accustomed to the fact that petroleum derived solvents, and chlorinated compounds like tetrachloroethene (Perc) are bad if released to the environment. Well, now there is a new problem to think about, and it is […]

Environmental Contaminant Removal vs. Environmental Risk Management: When Spending Money Saves Money

A shortsighted view during environmental remedial planning can make it tempting to favor short-term over long-term savings for dry cleaner cleanups. However, when looking at the entire cleanup process and all associated costs, the need to balance present-day cleanup efforts with anticipated future costs becomes far more important. With perchloroethylene (Perc; PCE) and other chlorinated […]