Environmental Investigations 101: Understanding PCE Contamination

Preliminary site investigation and characterization efforts can cost a lot of money and take several months to complete. However, it’s still common for dry cleaners to feel like things are moving too fast, especially if they haven’t yet fully grasped the scientific basis of what is happening. We talk a lot about environmental investigations and […]

5 Considerations Dry Cleaners Should Evaluate When Selecting an Environmental Consultant

Selecting the right environmental consultant improves the quality of your decisions and thus the success of your project. Here are criteria to consider when selecting an environmental consultant for a dry cleaner. Environmental contamination from past dry cleaning operations negatively affects many businesses, properties, communities and individuals across America. Dealing with environmental contamination has become […]

Fear, Hope and Determination: A Tale of Two Dry Cleaners

Manage your environmental issues, don’t let them manage you. I’m thrilled to be launching a new series of The Environmental Corner this year. My predecessor and mentor, Steve Henshaw, has been a long-time contributor to the Cleaner and Launderer and has been advising our friends in the dry cleaning industry on environmental contamination and insurance […]