Cleaner & Launderer Writer: Kenney Slatten

Kenney Slatten Training Company is a Dry Cleaning and Laundry Consulting Firm Specializing in Environmental Training and Certification. Kenney Slatten Training Company, or KSTC, is based in Texas with offices in Arizona and California. Kenney Slatten is a certified instructor/trainer for the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI), is actively involved in the San Diego Drycleaners […]

Hopefully, We Are Getting Close To The End Of The Downturn By: Everett Childers

Has anybody noticed a slight slowdown in business in the past few months? Well, you are not alone, but the economy will rebound, the housing market will pick-up, the unemployed will begin going back to work and the world will look right again. Nobody knows how long business will suffer from the recent events. Some […]