Trusted Performance From Dowper Solvent

DOWPER™ solvent is a water-clear, stabilized solvent that meets industry standards for high-quality, dry cleaning-grade stabilized perchloroethylene. It is free of residual odors and safe for the fabrics, dyes and trims that are common in the fashion industry. Virtually non-flammable, DOWPER solvent has neither a flash point nor flammability limits. And since zoning ordinances and […]

UniMac Hardmount Washer-Extractors Deliver Top Performance

Machines offer reliable and durable construction. UniMac®, a leading provider of on-premise laundry equipment, announced the UW45 and UW65 hardmount washer-extractors, engineered to be the longest-lasting, most durable products on the market. The UW45 and UW65 take industrial quality to the next level. The machines include top of the line innovative features that help improve […]