How To Be Prepared For An Environmental Investigation, Even In The Event Of An Economic Downturn

With all the latest business challenges related to COVID-19 and the resulting economic downturn, the last thing anyone needs is to be surprised by an environmental contamination issue. It is the rare business owner or executive these days who feels in control of what’s happening to their revenues and bottom line, myself included. This month, […]

Reflections on a Recession: What we saw in 2008 and after as an Environmental Consulting Firm

As I write this latest installment of The Environmental Corner in mid-March, we are all watching and participating in some pretty turbulent times related to COVID-19. Outside of the fears related to our personal health and our loved ones, the specter of looming economic instability over the coming months has added insult to injury. As […]

The Value of an Environmental Cleanup

It’s important to understand that the value of an environmental cleanup is more than just getting the most for your money. It’s also about the additional benefits that alleviate business stress, such as regulatory and legal liabilities while increasing the monetary value of your business investment. An environmental cleanup project may be the most expensive […]